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I Have A New Job! [27 Sep 2006|01:56am]
[ mood | silly ]

1. I Have a new Job at O'Hara Mazda as a File clerk! I set my own hours and days i wanna go in .. I can come in when ever I want so I cant be late.

2. I wrote a note to Mike saying I have another job n i cant work past 6pm on fri. and past 11pm on saturday. When i wrote the note i put it in his box n i notice two other notes for him so he isnt goin 2 be to happy

3. I have a meeting at 8am today so Mike might talk about that. Dont kno wat else is goin 2 be talked about at the meeting but after we r goin out 2 eat like always!

4. Me n Brian r still doing good! I think everythin is working out better that we dont work 2getha. but i still have a prob. wit him not telling me things like he smokes n didnt tell me he did .. but i told him i did out of no where so i cant see y he cant but he says his not lyin by not tellin me if i ask he will tell but when i asked y he had a pack he said cause! yah sure ... other then that i think we r doing good! i love him

5. I had Tue off n i Have today off n i dont kno wat 2 do. I Have Friday off 2 n i dont kno wat 2 do either ... brian says i have time 2 myself okay that sucks cuz i dont wanna be by myself.

6. I want another tattoo .. but i dont kno wat n im still waitin for brandon 2 finish my drawin of my tattoo for my lower back!

7. I have 2 save up money 2 move out .. so means i cant get a tattoo cause that money can go 2 the bank.

*i dont kno y i # this lol*

sweet dreams

Life Has Its Ups & Downs [16 Sep 2006|02:27am]
[ mood | grateful ]

well i havent wrote in hea in awhile so i wanted 2 update...

well me n brian were always gettin mad at each other n he tho leavin taco bell would be a good thing cuz he wouldnt be workin wit me so he works there 1 day a week n i dont work that day ok so far the past few days have been great we dont get mad at each other n we r havin fun! i love bein around him n i hope it stays this way cuz i dont wanna get mad anymore! he means so much 2 me. im so comfortable wit him its great i love it i can tell him anythin but ya sometimes wat i tell him he dont wanna hea n gets mad but he gets ova it.. its betta i tell him then sayin fuk it he dont need 2 kno. i've neva really was like that wit any1 else i kept alot of stuff 2 myself .. i've neva felt this way either its great bein happy n knowin he cares the same way i do! i love him so much i hope it works out! Im so Lucky i Have Him!

other then that work sucks im lookin for another job still ... mikes gettin mad because every1 is lookin for a sec. job .. im jus sick of the bullshit in that store .. ppl r cool 1 day next day they're not .. ppl r cool out of work but in work i cant stand some ppl, but i still like the after work lets play games till like 4 or 5am lol

Life at home sucks 2 .. im tryin so hard 2 save up money 2 move out cuz i hate it at home!

sweet dreams

[24 Jul 2006|05:48pm]
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sweet dreams

[24 Jul 2006|05:46pm]
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sweet dreams

[07 Jul 2006|05:11pm]

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sweet dreams

[23 Jun 2006|03:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well its for sure ajoni is goin 2 6flags wit us so im happy! ... i've been thinkin of a tattoo 2 get i jus idk wat or where i want 1 on my lower back but i dont kno of wat! i wish i knew some1 who could draw mad good n draw wat i think but i cant think of wat i want lol idk ... we will see i need 2 save up money 2! ... -give me some ideas please! :)

sweet dreams

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